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Hi! My name is Jasmine. I am a final year PhD Economics candidate at the Centre of Applied Macroeconomic Analysis in The Australian National University. You may have also seen me around tutoring first and second year Economics subjects over the last few years. Born and raised in Singapore, till the age of 18 years old, I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics at The University of Queensland. Prior to starting on my PhD, I was an energy analyst till April 2009, and a government economist, co-starring as the editor of the Economic Survey of Singapore, till January 2010. My ex-colleagues thought I was too much of an idealist, who still believes that economics is a tool to facilitate learning about the world and to help people. I am a firm believer of the concept of Pro bono economics.

My research interests lies mainly in international macroeconomics, with particular focus on the transmission mechanism of economic shocks.

The main objectives of my PhD research are threefold, addressing a few central themes that have dominated the world economy in recent decades. The first is to examine the role fiscal policy plays, in conjunction with monetary policy, in explaining US macroeconomic fluctuations. The second is to analyze the impact and effectiveness of monetary policy during periods of high financial stress in the US economy. The third focuses on the impact of the resources boom, fuelled by the Chinese economy, on the Australian economy. While my research revolves around macroeconomics, I am also interested in social and behavioural type of experiments and how behavioural economics play an increasing role in Economics.

When I am not working on economics related work, I enjoy running, baking, eating simple and healthy, travelling and writing. Some of my published written pieces are also available on this website.

My resume is available here.


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