Keep life simple

I haven’t written a post in months, apart from the articles that are published elsewhere. That’s what happens when life gets busy. In a way, I feel that I have mellowed a lot over the years, particularly this year. I have learned to keep things private, away from this website and Facebook. I have learned to tap on my other ‘talents’ like writing, and to express my views and opinions in the form of writing for the student newspaper instead. It does bring back some nostalgia of the days when I actually wrote to the ST Forum. So, apart from the PhD, indulging in my other interests like baking, writing, photography, running and just socialising with people outside the Economics field really helps to take the pressure off.

So, there are several things bothering me, ranging from research (not having any results as yet, and data collection is killing me) to other things in life. I wanted to talk about research, and things that are bothering me.

Then, a friend shared this on Facebook:

‘Keep life simple’.


How did I actually forget something so simple? That’s all I have to say.


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