Statistics about the ACT that surprises me

So, I needed a break from poring through and working on my own data, and decided to explore the Australian Population’s dataset on Google Data Explorer. Specifically, I was interested in how the population numbers has evolved in ACT over the years, particularly in suburbs near The Australian National University (ANU). I have also selected a few other major town centres, and suburbs I thought would have seen huge growth over the years. The dataset goes from 2001 to 2009, which is good enough for my objective.

The bar chart visualisation totally rocks!

Just a few interesting observations:

  • Places like Braddon and Turner, which are suburbs near the ANU, have actually grown a fair bit over the 9 years. (I wonder how much has got to do with the fact that the accommodation has always been a problem at the ANU. There just isn’t enough on campus accommodation available.)
  • Suburbs near town centres have grown a fair bit as well, i.e. places like Amaroo, which is a suburb in Gunghalin.
  • The population in ACT has only grown by 32,872 in 9 years, from 319,317 in 2001 to 352,189 in 2009. That totally shocked me, coming from a country that has seen a growth spurt of 1 million people between 2000 and 2010.

I know this is geeky. But, I love data in general, and like spending a few minutes every now and then to just explore random datasets like this one on the weather. Somehow, all these data exploration and intellectual curiosity keeps me inspired.