I will be adding links I find useful to this page over time.


Useful Tools

1. Latex Capabilities in Gmail. Send and receive Latex in email! Certainly there isn’t a need to say more? Available here.


General advices/support for PhD candidates

1. The Thesis Whisperer

2. #phdchat on Twitter

These two outlets have provided me with very valuable advices through the PhD (as soon as I discovered them).


Advices for the aspiring economists

1. Advices for the aspiring economists. Available here.

2. What makes a good journal editor? i.e. Also a good piece for the young economist on writing well. Available here.

3. All sorts of advices from this blog, mainly catered to Australian PhD students. Available here.

4. How to publish in top journals.

5. Guides on writing referee reports: A guide to preparing a JME referee report; Being a good referee.

I found these guides very useful for someone who is new to writing referee reports for economics journals.


Economics Fun

1. The Economics of Seinfeld. Learn some economics the fun way! Available here.

2. Youtube Link: The Simpsons on PhD

3. Youtube Link: So, you want to get a PhD in Economics?


Matlab Codes

1. Code and data for the Social Sciences: A Practitioner’s Guide. – Useful guide to organising the versions of your code and so on. I believe most of us (graduate students) learned this the hard way.

2. Gary Koop’s codes – Includes Factor models, TVP-VARs, Bayesian VARs. Excellent place to start learning the nitty gritty bits of Matlab codes on Bayesian econometrics.

3. Econometrics Toolbox – Collection of econometrics matlab routines by James P. LeSage. Includes spatial econometrics routines.

4. Serena Ng’s codes – Includes codes on determining number of factors in a dataset, and Factor VAR.

5. Bruce Hansen’s codes – Includes useful codes on threshold models. There is also an econometrics textbook written by Bruce Hansen for graduate students.

6. Harvard Dataverse Network



1. Quandl

2. IMF elibrary data



Open Source Courses

1. Open Yale Courses

2. MIT Open Courseware

3. edX – Free courses from edX universities.

4. Coursera

Very impressive online education website. I’ve gone through a few lectures and they have been very impressive.


 Updated 11 August 2013


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