Samples of my work

I will be uploading pdf documents of some of my articles that have been published in several outlets here. They range from economics pieces to Op-Eds. If you are interested in my research, please visit the research page.


1. Exchange rate volatility and trade/productivity in Australia – This was my thesis submitted for my Economics honours degree in 2005. A high distinction was awarded for it.

2. Econometric analysis of energy prices – This was a research piece I wrote as a very young economist who has just finished university in 2007.

Note: This was published under the Surveillance Panel I was working for, and is still available online.

3. Global Deflation Risks in 2009 – Annual Economic Survey 2008

4. What is a friend – Her Canberra, December 2011

5. Go forth and explore – Her Canberra, February 2012

6. The benefits of being in two minds – The Conversation, February 2012

7. Giving advice for the greater good: why economists should work with charities – The Conversation, March 2012

8. Embrace the season of deliberate gatherings – Us Folk, Winter 2012

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